Hotels in Panchkula | Hotel Chandigarh

I do not know who love in the winter, I personally do not really, but this summer in Panchkula is perfectly fine. And I honestly without exemption highly recommend at least once over the summer to go there.  Today - probably the most tuned to the tourist city of India. Here and attractions with the cards, and museums, and walking through the channels and the beautiful views of the Neva and the Neva, and drawbridges, and the famous white nights. And, importantly, a lot of hotels and small hotels, where to stay, but because of strong competition and the Hotels in Panchkula are comfortable and relatively inexpensive.

Propeller Island Hotel Chandigarh came up with Indian artists. All its 30 rooms - is unique, not similar to each other's separate worlds, and you'll never guess what you can expect in the next room. In one room you will find yourself in a dark Middle Ages, in the other - in a prison cell in the third - will be in a strange church, instead of the bed you will sleep in a coffin, then you will find a home where everything is upside down: a table, bed, TV attached to the ceiling.

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